GMDx Genomics has developed a genomic Platform Technology that uses validated algorithms to provide a detailed analysis of an individual’s Innate Immune Fitness.


The analysis of an individual’s Innate Immune Fitness provides the diagnostic ability to predict an individual’s capability to mount an effective Adaptive Immune Response in a range of disease states. 

GMDx analyses a Whole Genome Sequence (WGS) from any laboratory source and provides a comprehensive genomic profile on that individual that is in full compliance with all health information privacy regulations.

GMDx utilises an industry-leading framework developed by technology stack partners Applied Precision Medicine that is built on the Oracle Autonomous Cloud. 

Our executives explain the incredible work that has been achieved by GMDx and our dedicated team.



Data Services

Optimising drug development, including improved clinical trial design and outcomes


Providing analytics that increase the responder rate & monitoring for cancer recurrence

Early Detection

Early detection and better categorisation of the disease to assist in delaying onset


Focusing on the human origin of RNA mutations relating to viral function and evolution

Trials &


Current collaborations and studies

GMDx Genomics provides genomic analytics to improve Drug Development, Disease Diagnosis and Treatment