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Bernie Romanin

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Dr. Robyn A. Lindley

Chief Scientific Officer and Director

Cameron Jones

Chief Financial Officer
Company Secretary

Richard Rendell

Chief Technology Officer

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Dr. Nathan Hall

Genomics & Platform Lead

Jared 2.png
Dr. Jared Mamrot


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Dr. Katherine Tynan

Dr Tynan is a mission-driven healthcare strategist who works on inspiring business growth through critical thinking and strategic development  with the intent to save and improve lives. As a 15+ year executive consultant, she is a highly sought-after Advisor who works closely with CEOs, BODs and investors to help companies reach their potential. Additionally, as a recognized thought leader in healthcare & clinical diagnostics; Katherine advises venture investors and Fortune 500 companies on their mergers and acquisitions, healthcare strategy and investments. Katherine has held multiple management and executive roles in public and private companies. Since founding her own consulting practice she has been involved in over $1B of risk capital investments in the precision medicine arena.

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