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IIF Profiling

Innate Immune Fitness (IIF) profiling


GMDx Genomics has developed a true platform technology that provides a wide suite of applications to monitor the immune fitness of individuals for the personalisation of treatment plans.

Our patented Innate Immune Fitness diagnostic test (IIF test) provides actionable metrics related to the Innate Immune Fitness profile and represents a novel advance in the area of clinical diagnostics.

The IIF test implements proprietary algorithms to identify the source of de novo somatic mutations associated with cancer by identifying the binding domain of specific deaminases actively causing mutations in an individual.

A clinical grade, cloud-based test platform is now available for clinical applications. The system design is highly scalable, adaptable and robust. It is designed to meet the most demanding diagnostic, reporting and security requirements for future accreditation and certification.

Current genomic tests based on cancer panels, tumour mutation burden, ctDNA, miRNA, and other biomarkers are limited in their ability to predict response to immunotherapies; the IIF test provides a unique alternative to these methods.

Why is Innate Immune Profiling Important?


Analysing an individual’s Innate Immune Fitness (IIF) provides the diagnostic ability to predict an individual’s capability to mount an effective immune response to therapy in a range of disease states, such as predicting patient response to state-of-the-art cancer treatments. Accurately predicting patient response before beginning treatment will have profound implications for patient outcomes measured by time, cost and efficacy.

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