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GMDx Genomics has developed a genomic Platform Technology that delivers the unique GMDx Genomics science to research and commercial customers.


The platform enables our Genomic Data Services, Cancer Progression, Immuno-Oncology and Cognitive Impairment applications from research through to clinical use.


GMDx analyses a Whole Genome Sequence (WGS) from any laboratory source and provides a comprehensive genomic profile of an individual based on the unique GMDx Genomics Innate Immune profiling metrics.

Metric Services

  • Automation Advantage: 

    • Leverage self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing platform cloud services, reducing the   need for costly and error-prone manual effort. 

  • Price/Performance Advantage: 

    • Reduce capacity and expertise required to develop or license 40,000+ genomic profiling metrics.

  • Innovation Advantage: 

    • Increase agility for customers to leverage  and deliver leading edge  genomic test profiling and improve the speed of patient selection for clinical trials and to develop new treatment-specific companion diagnostics. 

  • Scientific Advantage:

    • Advance scientific knowledge  (e.g. about the role of deaminases in Innate Immunity, differences between cohorts or individual patients) 

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