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Bernie Romanin

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Dr. Robyn A. Lindley

Chief Scientific Officer and Director

Cameron Jones

Chief Financial Officer
Company Secretary

Inventor and Developer of the TSM Platform.
BSc, MInfoTech, PhD

Dr Robyn A. Lindley is a Founder, Director and the Chief Scientific Officer of GMDx Genomics, Melbourne. She is also an Honorary Senior Fellow in the Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne.


Although her first degrees are in physics and informatics, Robyn is an immunogeneticist who has been publishing on the relationships between inflammation, disease progression and somatic mutation signatures. Robyn is the sole discoverer of the specific codon-contexted targeted somatic mutation (TSM) signatures of nucleotide-specific deaminase enzymes that are now heavily implicated in many cancers. She was also the first to show that some of these changes can be used to predict cancer progression. She was the recipient of the RD Wright medal in 2016, University of Melbourne, for 'marching to the beat of her own drum'. Robyn's foundation research is now being used to develop new genetic tests to predict patient response to

immuno-oncology drugs and cancer progression for use in the North American market.

Richard Rendell

Chief Technology Officer

Nathan 2.png
Dr. Nathan Hall

Genomics & Platform Lead

Jared 2.png
Dr. Jared Mamrot


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